Omate TrueSmart Standalone Android Smartwatch Now Available To Pre-Order

Omate-TrueSmart-Smartwatch-1The Omate TrueSmart is a unique smartwatch, operating independently of smartphones, and providing a truly smart experience for buyers. It’s now available for pre-order having achieved its Kickstarter target.

The smartwatch revolution has struggled a little. The problem is that devices like the Galaxy Gear are expensive, and require the purchase of an expensive smartphone. You can’t buy and use a Gear unless you have a Galaxy Note or the latest Galaxy smartphone, and that’s a problem. Despite this, there is still some interest for the devices, and Omate could be the first company to really test the water and determine whether there is viability in the manufacture and sale of this wearable tech.

The TrueSmart concept was brought to market in the same way all good innovations are, now; via the Kickstarter crowd-funding website. It had, and met, an initial target of $100,000 and the company has now completed production of the device so it is ready to pre-order for anybody that is interested in buying.

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The watch has impressive specs, but possibly the most impressive thing about it is that it has calling capabilities. It also offer 720p video capture, a 5mp camera, and Android 4.2.2, which will soon be upgraded to 4.3. It is, to all intents and purposes, a scaled down version of a normal Android smartphone.

The watch itself suffers the same bulky appearance as any good smartwatch. It is made from metal and is roughly the same size as the Galaxy Gear. Omate also say that it could pair with other wearable tech in the future, including Google Glass, and potentially also the Sony Smart Wig and the Microsoft Smart Bra. Could you imagine the possibilities? No, neither can we, to be honest, but these are exciting times indeed if you are interested in a standalone smartwatch.

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