Only One In Ten UK Apps Are Paid For

Mobile AppsResearch by has shown that only around one in ten apps downloaded by UK users is a paid for app and the rest are free or freemium. The research shows that Londoners are most willing to pay for apps and download the most while it is the 18-24 year olds that download the most; they, however, use only a small portion of the apps they do download.

Users aged between 55 and 64 download a relatively small number of apps but are obviously careful about which they choose because they use the largest portion of the apps they download. In contrast, 18-24 year olds download 37 each compared to 23 each while they use 37% of those apps regularly. The older generation use 44% of their downloaded apps on a regular basis.

Another study, this time completed by OnePoll, showed that unauthorised app buying by children has cost parents in excess of £30m.More than a quarter of parents have been hit by bills that are higher than they should be because they have been inflated by children downloading paid apps, or paying for in game purchases.

The research was conducted after five year old Danny Kitchen amassed £1,700 in unauthorised app spend. It took him just a few minutes playing a single game and it has led many parents to question the security of their devices and whether they are protected from such action taking place on their own smartphones and tablet computers.

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