Order On Ebay And Collect At Argos Thanks To New Commercial Partnership

ebay-argosEbay and Argos have signed a commercial partnership that will enable gamers to be able to pick up selected Ebay purchases from their nearest Argos store.

Internet shopping and home delivery are often considered to be the most convenient and beneficial means of shopping but this isn’t always the case. For the majority of people that go out to work during the day, missing a delivery can cause real trouble. It will usually prove necessary to arrange a redelivery or, worse still, have to queue up at a GPO on a Saturday morning; time that could have been spent shopping around for the best deal.

Amazon already has the Amazon Locker service, which enables buyers to collect from a large network of local stores and other premises. Ebay presumably hopes that its deal with Argos will help them compete with the online retail giant in this niche sector of the industry too.

The deal is only a trial that will run for six months; there is some concern that the deal may lead to Argos losing out on some of its own sales, especially in those instances where they don’t have the items in stock immediately.

Ebay has established a service in parts of the US called Ebay Now, although there is no signs of this coming to UK shores just yet. With Ebay Now, buyers can have certain items delivered from local stores like Toys R Us straight to their door within an hour of making the purchase.

Ebay posted results in July that saw revenues rise but profits dip 8% during the second quarter of the year. They attributed this slide to a weak economic outlook in both Asia and Europe and hinted that results would continue to be a struggle for some time yet.

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