Panasonic Launches DMC – GX7 Digital Camera

GX7.webPanasonic has announced the launch of the new DMC-GX7, which is a replacement and upgrade to the aging DMC-GX1 and is the latest in their range of premium, mirrorless digital cameras.

The GX7 features a 16mp Digital Live MOS Sensor and an image processor that balances image quality and low light performance. It features high speed auto-focus so that you will be able to take great looking pictures quickly and accurately without fiddling with the lens.

It has a 3” touch screen and a Live viewfinder and both can be tilted making it easier to capture shots in a range of different conditions and positions. No matter how seemingly restricted you are for space and degree you will be able to use the DMC-GX7 to help capture the best possible shots.

Unfortunately, this is a serious premium camera and, as such, it carries a similarly serious price tag. You should expect to pay £819 just for the camera body alone and you will have to pay £999 for the 20mm lens kit. If you’re serious about your photographs, though, it is a camera that is definitely worth considering.

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Panasonic has also announced that it is working, in conjunction with Sony, on a successor to Blu Ray that will hold at least 6 times as much data as a current, standard Blu Ray.

Blu Ray is considered the top end of media storage and it is required for the recording of HD movies but the advent of 4K definition TV sets and films means that the 50GB of storage offered by the discs will not be enough. It is estimated that one 4K movie will take at least 100GB of storage. 4S set top boxes exist, although there isn’t any current demand for 4k content, but when that demand does arrive, and it inevitably will, there should be some means of storing and accessing the content.

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