Panasonic TX-L42DT65B Heralds Era Of Second Screen TV Viewing

panasonic-TX-L42DT65BPanasonic has launched its latest Panasonic TX-L42DT65B LED TV set and it has a number of attractive features to match its equally good looking design. It’s not OLED and it doesn’t have a curved screen but it is 3D, using polarised 3D technology so that you only need to purchase cheap glasses, and it offers the ability to wirelessly stream a second program from the TV to an iPad or similar device.

In order to facilitate the hardware and software improvements of the latest cutting edge Panasonic, the company has added a dual core Hexa processor. It takes its name from the fact that it powers eight different image adjustments.

This new processor is vital to helping ensure that everything works smoothly – one of the biggest criticisms of previous so-called Smart TVs is how slowly and disjointedly they operate but this should not be the case with the L42DT65B.

Also included in the “new features” column is the potentially great, potentially dust collecting touchpad controller. It has a touch sensitive controller, but there is a more traditional variation on the theme in the box too.

If neither of these are quite leading edge enough then there is also the voice interaction system that will, potentially, enable you to control everything just by speaking (cue arguments that will involve the TV from now on, then).

Panasonic have seemingly tried to put everything possible into this £1,500 TV and while they have missed out by not including a camera to assist with face recognition on the MyHome screen and have included only 3 HDMI sockets which is one less than their competitors, it makes up for these omissions in so many other ways.

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