Philips Releases 60” TV With Illumiroom Like Amblight Technology

Philips Elevation TVPhilips has announced the launch of the new Elevation TV, which is a 60” model that is just 13.5mm thick. It also has Amblight technology, which creates light effects around the TV and will work on a stand or when mounted on the wall.

We were really impressed when we saw the Illumiroom concept from Sony. It may yet turn out to be a gimmick rather than anything that we use on a regular basis but the concept is that your gaming bleeds over from your TV and onto the walls and surrounding items in your gaming environment. It seems we weren’t the only ones that were impressed with it either, as Philips has announced that their latest TV set, the Elevation will have something similar to offer.

With Amblight, the set creates light effects around the TV and these correspond with whatever you’re watching on TV. We’re not sure if it has quite the same ability to read the items around the TV as Illumiroom will but Philips claim that it will help make the new 60” screen the most immersive TV experience yet.

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As well as the four sided Amblight, the TV offers flicker free pictures with a 900Hz Perfect Motion Rate. This means that even the most challenging of films will show up perfectly and as smooth as possible on the Elevation.

It is, of course, a Smart TV set so it will have all the usual catch up channels as well as access to services like Netflix and YouTube. You can even log on to Facebook and Skype, if you really want your TV vieweing to be interrupted.

The Philips Elevation doesn’t come cheap, as you should expect from something with these specs. You will have to part with nearly £3,000 to get yourself one so be prepared to spend big if you want to enjoy the benefits.

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