Plessey is aimed at wearables having dot-sized LED

PlesseyPlessey has released it’s smallest packaged GaN-on-SI LED however, looking the item for the surging wearable electronic devices industry.

PLW138003 is a white LED in a 1005 (1×0.5mm) SMT package “designed specifically for the demand for ever smaller LED components producing highly collimated light”, said Plessey.

Brand name ‘dotLEDs’, there’s also a blue version (PLB138003). Both equally weigh 0.2mg and are 0.2mm tall.

Upto white light (0.7 lm) with 130° viewing angle is available from 5mA drive (at 2.9Vf = 48 lm/W).

“Further additions to the dotLED family will be colour variants and a series in the larger 1608 footprint,” said the firm.

1005 products is 200x200x75µm die are also available in market.

Dr Jose Lopez, Plessey chief commercial officer said “Plessey is demonstrating its commitment to bringing to market a comprehensive range of LED products across all markets and applications. The dotLED family addresses the exacting optical, mechanical and cost requirements where small is beautiful,”

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