Porsche Design Release £4k Blackberry Design

blackberry-porsche-designIf you find brushed aluminium a little passé and plastic just too common, and opulence is more your style then the new Porsche Design P9981 Blackberry Gold will offer the bling that you’re looking for. The phone dispenses with common metals like brushed aluminium and instead uses 24 carat gold. Meanwhile, continuing in a similar vein, the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is offering virtual concierge services to its guests via gold plated iPads.

Regardless of global economic status and recessions, there’s always a plethora of people and companies willing to splash out on a bit of gold. For those that aren’t afraid to splash the cash, Porsche are a good brand to use as a starting point. The P9981 Gold Blackberry will cost £3,895 and there will only be 25 of them manufactured in total; it seems unlikely that you’ll be able to pick one up from your local Tesco.

If you’re happy with a fairly ordinary mobile phone but want a ridiculously hedonistic iPad then you should stay in Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel. In keeping with the fact that they market themselves as the only 7 star hotel in the world they have not only added an iMac in every single room and suite but they now provide guests with a 24 carat gold plated iPad as a means of accessing concierge services. Guests will be offered the opportunity to buy one and while we can’t find the cost, the fact that rooms cost between £656 and £12,271 a night it will probably only be pocked change for guests.

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