Prices Announced For Xbox One And PS4

xbox-one-playstation-4The next gen console wars are heating up as both Sony and Microsoft announce prices for the new systems. Sony have stolen an early lead by pricing their system lower than the new Xbox One.

E3 2013 was always going to be a major event as both Sony and Microsoft had announced new consoles to be launched by the end of this year. Some details have already emerged from both camps but the specifics were sorely lacking.

Thus far, the event has been pretty much as expected from the multi billion dollar industry. There have been masses of celebrities, some huge displays, and (over the top) gasping from the predominantly American audience. There have also been a few shocks and both companies have played their hands, at least in respect of the pricing wars.

Microsoft were the first to pitch their price tag. Fans were left disappointed when the technology giant announced that it would be necessary to shell out £429 for the new system. A 250GB version of the current console can be purchased brand new for around £200 which means that the new system will be twice the price of its predecessor. Does it really offer that much of an improvement? We’ll have to wait and see.

A few hours later, Sony had their turn.

Sony struggled with the release of the PS3 and many analysts put this failure down to the high price that they demanded for the system. It would seem that they learned the harsh lesson as the Japanese gaming giant announced a launch price of £350.

There will still be gamers that choose the Xbox One and there will be those that have to have both systems (although £779 for the two is a lot of money) but round 1, it seems, goes to Sony for their keen pricing on the PS4.

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