PS4 Becomes Best Selling Console Ever

Sony Playstation 4Sony’s Playstation 4 sold 250,000 units in just 48 hours, making it the biggest console launch ever, outstripping the Xbox One by a massive 100,000 sales.

The next generation console wars are well under way, and going by UK figures alone, it would seem that Sony has the battle all wrapped up with its Playstation 4. The device was launched last Friday, a week later than the Xbox One. Within 48 hours it had sold a staggering 250,000 consoles. This means that it outsold the previous best performer, the PSP, and took a massive leap ahead of Microsoft’s 150,000 sales of their Xbox One console.

The Xbox One’s 150,000 and Sony PS4’s 250,000 sales mean that both systems have already outsold the Wii U, which has been on sale for more than a year.

The Playstation 4 became the biggest selling console release, stripping the previous holder, which was the PSP. It sold 185,000 units in its first 2 days, which means that it is still out in front compared to the Xbox One.

One of the trends that we are likely to see emerge with this generation of consoles is free to play games. Anybody that plays games on their mobiles, or on social networks, will be used to this particular model of gaming purchases. You don’t have to buy the title itself, but micro-transactions are used to buy additional content for the game. Additional content can include anything from new cars in racing games, to additional levels in first person shooters, and additional coins in strategy and world building games.

There is some debate as to the viability of the free to play model on consoles but micro-transactions have already started to creep into paid games. Most of us have bought additional content for games, but rather than buying whole new DLC packs, a micro-transaction may offer something as simple as one car.

Forza 5 has been hit by serious criticism because a player’s advancement in career mode is seriously hampered if they do not buy any of the cars on offer.

Warframe, for the PS4, is an interesting prospect. It is a true free-to-play game. You download it for nothing, and you can play for nothing, but you will be encouraged to part with cash in exchange for items and content. It’s a relatively simple first person shooter concept but it is actually worth playing and certainly worth downloading for free. It may not be the reason to shell out £350 on a new console, but if you do buy the PS4 we strongly recommend giving it a whirl.

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