PS4 Proving More Popular In The US

play station 4A limited poll conducted in the USA shows that more people are likely to buy the PS4 than they are the Xbox One. Can the two next generation consoles prove a much needed tonic for a struggling games industry?

If you listen to games publishers then it is difficult to turn a profit making blockbuster, big budget games. Of course, if you’re Rockstar and you’re releasing the latest in the GTA series then nothing could seem further from the truth, as they shifted £500m on release day. The launch of two next generation consoles could be enough to attract gamers away from smartphones and tablets and back to the dedicated gaming system.

A poll conducted in the USA shows that the PS4 is currently some way ahead, in terms of popularity. This could be because the PS4 will cost less and because Microsoft messed up their announcement of the Xbox One with a variety of features and settings that they subsequently had to back track on.

On release, the PS4 will cost £349 while the Xbox One will set you back £429. However, the One has the advantage of time in the UK, being released a week earlier than the PS4 on the 22nd November.

According to another poll, 61% of people in Britain believe that games such as those that will be available on the two systems make people violent.

A YouGov poll asked the question of whether video games could lead to real-world violence. Of those that chose to answer, rather than answered that they didn’t know or weren’t sure, 61% said that they believed that it could.

The figures show a very different opinion in ages. While 79% of people aged 60 or over believed that gaming could lead to violence, 73% of respondents aged between 18 and 24 said that they believed games can be used to vent frustration and anger.

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