Queues Already Forming Outside Apple Store Ahead Of Friday iPhone 5S Release

iphone-5-misekWhile the handset may not go on sale until Friday, people are already queueing up outside Apple’s flagship London store to buy the device. Meanwhile, Vodafone has released its 5S pricing details.

In the same way that the sun always rises, consumers will always queue up early to get their hands on the latest Apple release. The beginning of this week saw many people already forming a queue outside London’s Apple store, bracing themselves for the promised phone release. The phone, which will be the world’s first 64-bit processor powered smartphone certainly isn’t cheap even when purchased on a contract.

The reality is that previous versions of the iPhone have been less powerful than some of its competitors, featuring a worse camera, and offering only a portion of the usability provided by Windows phones and the slew of Android devices on the market. However, equally true is the fact that this clearly doesn’t matter to consumers but the iPhone 5S will be a little different.

Apple under Steve Jobs has changed – as well as the imminent release of what is being laughably called the budget iPhone, you can choose a device from a range of colours and the company has clearly bowed to the pressure of attempting to compete with other high end phones on the market.

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One of the standout features is the biometric fingerprint scanner on the home button. Rather than swiping or attempting to remember pin codes, when you wish to unlick the phone you hold the Home button. The biometric scanner then determines whether you really are the owner and grants you access assuming that you are.

Vodafone has released prices for potential owners. Contracts will cost between £42 and £57 depending whether you want 3G or 4G but not even the £57 a month contract will bag you a free handset. You will have to pay anywhere from £19 to £229 for the handset depending on the amount of storage you require and the contract that you opt for.

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