Remember Me Review – A Reasonable But Ultimately Forgettable Sci Fi Shooter

video gamesRemember Me is released tomorrow, 7th June 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC – while it has a good premise, it has been let down a little when the premise was expanded to a full working game.

If you’re looking for a memorable and truly breathtaking sci-fi shooter then you may want to wait for the release of Remember Me 2. The first in the series isn’t a bad game by any means but it hints that so much more could have been done.

Set in Paris in the not too distant future, Remember Me offers players the chance to take on the role of young protagonist Nilin. Technology has advanced to the state where people have the ability to erase and even purchase new memories – think Rekall in Total Recall and you pretty much have the storyline wrapped up, in fact.

On awakening in a science facility, Nilin is driven by a voice in her ear that guides her to what is effectively the resistance movement, called the Errorists. Nilin is treated as some type of prophecy and as the story unfolds you will learn why she is revered so highly by a group she has no knowledge of.

In the game’s defence, it looks incredible in parts, especially during the first half of the 6 to 8 hour gamplay set in futuristic Paris. Nilin is also fun to control and, while many of the parts played by NPCs are wooden and largely devoid of character, she is a solid hero character that benefits from good quality acting.

Unfortunately, though, the game is not without its negative points. Most notably, the world around you is incredible but you don’t really get to enjoy it. Camera angles too often get in the way and you will feel like you’re simply being led from one objective to another throughout the game.

Overall, there’s no doubting that Remember Me is worth playing but the chances are good that very few people will actually remember it.

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