Saints Row 4 Beats Off The Competition For A Second Week

video gamesSaints Row 4 has held on to the top slot in the all format charts in order to hold its top spot for a second week. There were a series of new entries again this week, including Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn which entered at third, Rayman: Legends in 6th and Madden NFL 25 in 7th but it was the latest in the Rockstar developed franchise that took the top position.

1 (1) – Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4 is bold, brash, loud, and extremely adult orientated. It is also loosely based around a plethora of games starting with the GTA series but also including games like Prototype and Deus Ex. It is an open sandbox type game and it breaks so many barriers that it’s hard not to love it, despite a few bugs and glitches here and there.

2 (2) – Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is something of a welcome relief to Splinter Cell lovers. The series had taken something of an uneasy turn, offering players the opportunity to go gung ho rather than sneak around but Blacklist definitely encourages silent operations once again. It has held on to 2nd place and can consider itself unlucky to have come up against the might of Saints Row.

3 (-) – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy 14 has experienced some fairly serious server issues since its launch and the original game itself certainly didn’t fare any better with gamers or reviewers. If Square Enix can sort out their server issues, though, the online version of the game looks like it should help set the series straight once more.

4 (3) – Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is Disney’s version of the Skylander’s cash cow. Gamers buy the original game and then buy additional characters which sit atop the portal. Each new character brings with it additional storyline and game, as well as new features for the admittedly excellent Toybox multiplayer strand of the game. If you’ve still got any cash left after Skylanders this could be a great addition to your game collection.

5 (4) – Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is somehow still managing to find gamers to buy it. It enjoyed millions of sales when it was download only and then more than a month at the top of the game charts and while it has dropped off in the face of a significant number of new entries, it remains in a solid 5th position.

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