Saints Row 4 Release

saintsrow4-4The Saints Row series has become well known for a number of reasons. Primarily, it’s remembered for its lavish use of adult humour and content that is definitely not for the eyes of kids. However, it should also be remembered for taking the best bits of some of the best games and combining them well. With the first few titles, this meant taking Grand Theft Auto and then adding adult tweaks and ramping insanity up to a whole new level but Saints Row 4 goes a lot deeper than that.

Saints Row 4 is an open world game. You can go where you want and do what you want, with very few caveats. Steelport is massive and there are so many things to do the games can be a little daunting at first, thrusting you head first into the action as they do. However, sticking with them has brought many rewards to gamers and in the fourth iteration things are no different.

Like the aforementioned previous titles, players are still treated to a veritable arsenal of what might be considered standard weaponry. There are guns of almost every type along with bigger weapons and a host of vehicles to wreak havoc with. However, there are now superpowers added to the mix, because… well, because it makes it a little more balmy and we assume that somebody at Rockstar loved games like Prototype.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t without its downsides and negative points. The side missions can be repetitive, especially if you played the last title. And, no matter how open you thought your eyes were when you dived in to the game, there will be certain points that you may still find alarming. That may not necessarily be a bad thing and it’s unlikely that you would buy the title unless you had some idea of its promiscuity and deviance so the game is definitely worth playing and will entertain.

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