Saints Row IV Keeps Top Position

video gamesSaints Row IV has beaten off competition from new entry Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix to retain top position for the fourth week running. With GTA V having been released this week, amid massive queues and even a stabbing from gamers wanting to get their hands on the title, it is likely that this will be the last week that the THQ title will be slipping down the charts next week.

1 (1) – Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV saw the release of the GAT downloadable content pack this week, coinciding with the release of GTA V. The THQ developed title, which is packed full of mature content, enjoyable gameplay, and quirky features, has retained its top position for the fourth week running but we’re expecting it to slip to second next week following GTA V frenzy.

2 (-) – Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5

The PS3 only Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 is a two in one disc pack that offers HD remastered versions of Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of Memories. You will be able to play as Square Enix character Sora as well as Disney characters Mickey and Goofy, and the new versions have full PS3 trophy system too.

3 (3) – Diablo III

Split screen and four play co-op are among the biggest additions to the latest in the Diablo series and while the online co-op is a success, the local version is less enthralling. If you like dungeon looting RPGs and you want to play with friends, though, you will not be disappointed.

4 (4) – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist is a return to form, to some degree, for the Splinter Cell series and this is in no small part due to the fact that stealth gameplay is definitely encouraged once more. Sneak, strangle, and quietly assassinate your targets on the way to glory. The plot, story, and characters are also pretty good and this helps ensure that the story is driven along nicely while playing.

5 (5) – Disney Infinity

Like Skylanders, Disney Infinity enables players to fork out wads of cash for new player figures which also include additional gameplay with every purchase. Not only is Disney Infinity bound to prove a real money maker for Disney but it actually has some genuinely good features, not least the Toybox multiplayer feature, that mean it is a genuinely good game if this is your kind of thing.

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