Saints Row IV Retains Top Spot Despite A Swathe Of New Entries

video gamesSaints Row IV continues to prove that open world and mature content really do combine well in a mix that has helped the title take top spot for a third week running. Rome: Total War 2 in second, Diable III in third, and Killzone: Mercenary in 8th, along with the somewhat niche title Farming Simulator 2013 in tenth make up a strong handful of new entries into the charts.

1 (1) – Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV takes everything good about the GTA series and combines it with some of the best features of a swathe of other titles and mix it with some decidedly mature themed content. The end result is a title that will keep gamers entertained for many hours and a game that has managed to hold on to top spot in another week filled with new entries, although we weren’t really expecting Farming Simulator to prove the most popular game of the week if truth be told.

2 (-) – Rome: Total War 2

The Total War series has proven extremely popular with strategists and Total War 2 is already proving a popular addition to the series. The game is complex and historically brilliant while providing some incredible battle scenes but the complexity may prove too much for some players while the AI can prove questionable at best, on occasion. Definitely worth buying if strategic battle titles are your thing – probably best avoided if not.

3 (-) –Diablo III

Split screen and four player co-op are a welcome addition to the already brilliant and popular Diablo series. However, the co-op is really only at its best when playing online. Whether you’re a veteran to the series or a total newcomer you will be able to pick up and gain genuine satisfaction and enjoyment from Diable III which has arrived on Xbox 360 and PS3.

4 (2) – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Blacklist debuted last week at number 2 and is already on the slide. In all honesty, Splinter Cell games lost their way some time ago when they started offering a choice of stealth or in your face battling and while Blacklist does go some way to drag gamers back to the sneak and garrotte style of play it may not be enough for real fans of the early games.

5 (4) – Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity, or Disney Cashcow, whichever you prefer, is actually quite a surprising title. It is, to all intents and purposes, the same as the Skylanders games but using Disney characters. Except that it also offer the multiplayer sandbox Toybox mode, which makes it a far more appealing, enjoyable, long lasting, and value for money proposition. However, you will still have to sink a large gob of cash into the game if you want to access the best characters and the most diverse range of features.

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