Samsung Accounts For Nearly Half Of European Smartphone Sales

samsung Galaxy S4 MiniSamsung now accounts for nearly half of all the smartphone sales made in Europe and has helped Google Android cement its position as the most widely used mobile operating system.

Samsung’s smartphone popularity has been growing in recent years, thanks largely to the introduction of the Galaxy range of phones. The S2 was popular, the S3 more so, and the S4 looks set to eclipse both of these handsets. There’s also a slew of spin-off handsets like the Mini variants and the more recent Zoom to help give Samsung even more potential market and the technology giant are making the most of this potential.

Recent figures show that nearly a half of all mobile phones sold in Europe are made by Samsung. This popularity has also helped boost Google’s performance, as Samsung phones utilise the Android operating system in its various iterations.

When it comes to operating systems, Android has 70.4% of the European market while iOS accounted for 17.8% and Windows just 6.8%.

However, a new challenge is emerging for Samsung’s dominance, in the shape of the new Sony Xperia range. 38% of Xperia owners are former Samsung owners and this means that Samsung will have to shift at least some of its attention on customer retention rather than market share expansion.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most powerful mobile devices ever made with a massively powerful quad core processor and a raft of high end features as well as a bright, high definition screen. It has a large 5” screen, which may take some getting used to, but the Mini S4 is not only cheaper but a pared down version. It has a less powerful processor and smaller screen but will fit more comfortably in even the most limited of pockets.

For those that find the Galaxy too expensive, the Tocco Lite 2 is a viable option although it is lacking in a number of features that many owners would consider essential. It costs less than £100, has a 3.2mp camera, and is good for connecting to social networks.

Other Samsung phones include the Ch@t with full QWERTY keyboard and the Note phablet is ideal for those that think a 5” screen is just a tad too small.

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As Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market around the world, Android is also enjoying the benefit of increased market share but the tech giant will have to try and stop the exodus of customers that are leaving to buy Sony Xperia replacements.

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