Samsung And Apple Outline Plans For 2014

apple-samsung-logos-300x300Samsung has said that it will make the smart TV smarter, while Apple has said that they have big plans for the coming year, although didn’t provide any detail.

Samsung smart TVs will get smarter in 2014 according to the world’s biggest TV manufacturer. Finger gestures and voice commands will improve, and we will be able to control our TVs in an alarmingly vast array of ways.

Features like Siri and S Voice, which enable users to perform numerous tasks on their smartphones and other devices, have become increasingly popular as the technology has improved. Voice commands are also an integral part of the Xbox One offering, while gesture controls have already been implemented, to varying degrees of success and popularity, on smart TVs and other smart devices.

According to Samsung, voice commands will become an integral part of smart TVs too. Users will be able to launch apps, browser the web, and perform other tasks simply by speaking to their TV, rather than having to pick up the remote.

Hand gestures and facial expressions are another area in which technology control has advanced, and another area in which Samsung devices will be advancing in the coming 12 months. Moving your fingers will allow you to change channels, alter the volume, and perform other tasks quickly and simply.

The new devices will be demoed at CES 2014, which takes place in January, so there isn’t long to wait before we get a glimpse.

Apple has also announced some of their plans for 2014, kind of. They have, at least, said that they do have plans and that they are, in fact, “big plans” although CEO Tim Cook stopped short of actually providing any kind of details.

There have, of course, been rumours regarding what Apple is working on. Some of the most persistent of those rumours are of a smartwatch and a smart TV, although nothing has yet been either confirmed or denied on these fronts.

2014 was a busy year for Apple. They launched new generations of Apple TV as well as their incredibly popular iPad, iPod, and iPhone ranges. However, it has been a few years since the launch of anything truly innovative and ground-breaking, and it is on these cornerstones that the company has enjoyed its incredible success. Could 2014 be the year that we see something as spectacular and fresh as the iPod, or the iPhone, or the iPad? Something that divides opinion and then proves all of the doubters wrong by selling millions of units in the first few hours of launch?

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