Samsung Announce Smaller UHD TV Models

samsung-uhd-tvsIt isn’t that long since Standard Definition was considered “normal” but, led largely by Samsung, it is High Definition that is now being considered de rigeur. In the shape of the UHD S9, Samsung has a ridiculously high definition technology that they call ultra high definition. Following the announcement and subsequent launch of the 85 inch model of the UHD S9, Samsung has said that they will be launching smaller, though we suspect not much cheaper, 65 and 55 inch versions of the set.

One of the most striking features of the TV when launched at CES 2013 was the picture frame style design. It certainly won’t be to everybody’s tastes and with the big version shifting for about £25,000 you’re probably going to have to really love it. With that said, if you are paying that kind of money for a TV then you want people to know that it was expensive and a unique frame is arguably one of the better ways to do that. It’s not certain, yet, whether the new models will have the same unique frame design but it will be very similar under the hood.

The new models have 4k resolution and will upscale “normal” HD so that it fits ultra HD screens. It will also feature the Evolution Kit. This enables owners to be able to pull apart and upgrade the TV in much the same way they would with a PC. It won’t be necessary to completely upgrade the TV, for example, to replace a single component; another useful feature for something with such a big price tag.

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