Samsung Galaxy Gear And Galaxy Folder Rumours

Samsung-SCH-W2013Rumours have surfaced that the Samsung smartwatch will be an addition to the Galaxy range and called the Galaxy Gear while supposed photos of a dual-display flip smartphone called the Galaxy Folder hint at further new Galaxy releases.

The idea of a smartwatch doesn’t float everybody’s boat and nor is it a new phenomenon but there remains a few major technology companies that have yet to throw their hat firmly into the wearable technology ring. It is believed that Apple is working on a smartwatch and even Google themselves have hinted at the prospect, while already having released Google Glass for extensive testing.

Samsung are firmly on the radar of those that are waiting for a big wearable tech release and the rumours have long held that the new watch will be called the Samsung Gear. However, a patent filed by Samsung has shed a little more light on the device; primarily, it seems that it will be an extension of the increasingly popular Galaxy range and will be called the Samsung Galaxy Gear.


The patent filing also hints at the fact that the watch will not require a connection to a mobile phone but will independently enable the wearer to surf the web, send and receive calls, and send and receive text messages.

Most other smartwatch designs do require tethering to a mobile phone or smartphone in order to be able to perform these and other tasks so this would indicate something of a different device and a coup for Samsung.

Rumours regarding yet another extension to the Galaxy range have also seen the light of day.

Possibly following on from the Ativ Q announcement, rumours of a dual screen smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy Folder, or Samsung Galaxy Golden, have hit the Internet.

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If the rumours turn out to be true then we should be seeing a 3.7” AMOLED display, a 1.7GHz dual core chip, 2GB RAM, and a phone that us running on Android 4.2.2.

The design is similar to that of the W2013 and W999 which have been released in China. Currently, rumours only seem to indicate a Korean market release with no word of a release anywhere else in the world.

Clearly, Samsung is looking to further extend the line of Galaxy devices that are available and they aren’t just sticking to the tried and tested designs or devices, either. What could be next following a dual phone screen and a smartwatch?

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