Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Officially Launched

samsung Galaxy S4 MiniThe moment that at least a few people have been waiting for has finally arrived – Samsung has officially announced that the Mini version of its Galaxy S4 will be coming soon. The specifications have also been released and, in the same way that the S3 Mini received some criticism for a lack of power compared to its more than modest handset price, the S4 Mini looks like it will receive a similar battering. However, no price has been announced so maybe we will be proven wrong on this one.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will have a 4.3 inch screen which may not sound much of a drop but makes it considerably more convenient than the 5 inch screen of its big brother. It also suffers reductions in a number of other areas, too, most notably the camera and the processor.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is billed as being the most powerful handset on the market. In the UK we have to “make do” with a 1.9GHz quad core processor whereas other markets have received an octa-core version. In reality, the quad core is extremely powerful and will not struggle with even the most robust user. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will only have a dual core processor clocked at 1.7GHz – while this pales in comparison to the larger device it is still a powerful handset.

The camera may be a bone of contention for some. Users had waited for the S3 to include an improvement over the 8mp camera of its predecessor but it never arrived and the company ystuck with the 8mp variant. While the S4 has launched with a 13mp camera, the Mini will only have the same 8mp camera that older owners will be used to.

In all honesty, the phone may prove ideal for those users that do not demand bells, whistles, processors that could adequately power a laptop, and a camera that is near professional in its quality. It will also prove popular with people that don’t have shovels for hands and vacuous pockets in which to store their phone.

Reducing the size of the phone and downgrading the processor and the camera means that Samsung will be able to shave valuable pounds off the price too. While you shouldn’t necessarily expect it to compete in the budget market it could represent a powerful and highly sought after addition to the mid-priced rage of phones. We don’t, however, think it will rival the 10 million sales made by the original S4.

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