Samsung Gear And Galaxy Note 3 Now Available

wpid-BTVpik9CIAAe4yCSamsung has entered the smartwatch market today, with the release of the Gear, and it has also released a substantial update to its phablet range in the shape of the Galaxy Note 3.

Two new Samsung devices have hit shop shelves today, giving consumers the opportunity to combine the benefits of a smartwatch with a powerful phablet. The Gear and the Galaxy Note 3 will work independently of one another but combining the two devices will give users the greatest benefits and the greatest range of features.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been rumoured for some time and launches today, costing £299. It extends the features of smartphones by enabling users to manage call and message data while tracking their sports performance and using a limited number of apps on the touch screen watch. Combining the Gear with a Galaxy smartwatch or Galaxy Note device will help users get the most from it.

Fortuitously, Samsung has also released the Galaxy Note 3 phablet today with a number of hefty improvements over the Note 2.

The Note 3 has a considerably better display than its predecessor with 1,080 x 1,920 resolution compared to the 800 x 1,280 display of the older model. It has also more colours and improved angle display from a screen that is even bigger at 5.7” rather than 5.2”. The additional screen size is well hidden in the overall design, as the new version is only marginally bigger than the older Note 2.

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The processor setup is a big improvement too and 3GB of RAM means that you will be able to tear through even the most intensive of apps and games. The 13mp camera is an upgrade over the 8mp of previous versions although the size of the device means that the phablet is far from being a useful or beneficial means of taking photographs.

The Galaxy Note 3 represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, the already impressive Note 2. It is an awkward size but if that’s something that you’re comfortable with then you will be hard press to find anything in the same class at the current time. The tablets release in October in the US with prices equivalent to between £140 and £300.

Unfortunately, as you might expect from a device of this calibre, it isn’t cheap and you will have to part with around £600 to get your hands on one but if you’re looking for something that is powerful and convenient, with a good display, then you certainly won’t be disappointed with the Note 3.

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