Samsung More Popular Than Apple In Global Mobile Web Use

samsung-appleSamsung has finally overtaken its rival Apple in the global mobile web usage stakes. However, Apple remains the most popular in the UK. Chrome is now popular than Internet Explorer.

Samsung has been making a real fight of things when it comes to smartphones and mobile devices. They have, at last, managed to topple the iPhone manufacturer and take their coveted spot as the most popular devices for mobile web browsing. The figures have been released by Internet analytics company StatCounter and will give Samsung hope, although they are still behind Apple in the UK.

In terms of UK statistics, Apple’s dominance has actually risen, from 43% in 2012 to 48% in 2013. Samsung, though, saw a larger increase from 13% to 20%. Blackberry’s share slid from 28% to 16% showing that they continue to lose customers and consumer confidence.

The same survey has also revealed that Chrome is now popular in the US than Internet Explorer. While Google’s browser has been more popular globally since May 2012 this is the first time that it has become the dominant force in the US.


To some extent, the rise of Chrome can be partially attributed to the rise of Samsung. Samsung devices ship with Android operating systems and these include Chrome as the standard browser. It is possible to download other browsers but users are unlikely to do so, instead sticking with the preloaded version.

The latest update to Chrome for Windows launched this week. It offers rich updates from apps , representing a significant improvement over the basic web updates that were previously available. A bunch of fixes for known bugs were also included and you can update via Chrome or directly from the Google Chrome home page.

Chrome mobile has also just been upgraded. Google Translate is now automatically built in to the browser so if you are presented with a page of text that you do not understand you can simply click the Translate button. This works in a similar way to the horizontal bar that appears at the top of the desktop version of the browser.

Full screen is now available for tablets so when you scroll down the screen the toolbar will disappear. Right to left language appearance has been improved and there have been a number of performance fixes here too.

Samsung continues to eat into Apple’s pie while Chrome continues to beat Microsoft.

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