Samsung Officially Unveils Galaxy Zoom, HTC Readying One Mini

samsung-galaxy-s4-zoomRumours have been doing the rounds regarding a Samsung Galaxy Zoom mobile phone for some time and, following a Russian site claiming to have reviews the device yesterday, Samsung has now officially unveiled its 16mp camera phone.

In terms of the phone itself, it is basically a Galaxy S4 Mini with a 4.3” inch screen, 1.5GHz dual core processor, and packing Android 4.2.2. However, where the Zoom stands out is in the camera features that it offers.

There has always been some degree of trade off when buying a camera phone compared to buying a digital camera. However, the S4 Zoom not only features a 1.9mp front facing camera but it also has a 16mp point and shoot rear facing camera. It is the first smartphone to have a 10x optical zoom and, as well as image stabilization features, it also has a new Zoom Ring feature. Simply twist the zoom ring and you will be able to launch in-call photo sharing and other camera features whatever you’re doing.

The S4 Zoom joins the S4 Mini as one of the variants of the popular Galaxy S4 phone and this range of flagship variants has helped Samsung take a massive slice of Apple’s pie in terms of market share.

htc-one-mini-sizeClearly, HTC has been paying attention and it is rumoured that they are readying their own Mini version of the HTC One.

According to sources that would rather remain anonymous, the Taiwanese manufacturer is set to launch the Mini in August. It will have a 4.3” screen, rather than the 4.7” of its bigger brother.

It’s not only HTC that are jumping on Samsung’s bandwagon, either, as Apple are believed to be readying a lower cost version of the iPhone. US prices for this device are expected to be between $300 and $350. Although prices never translate exactly as the exchange rate, this equates to between £190 and £225.

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