Samsung Patent Suggests Smartwatch Will Be Called Gear

Samsung-smart-watchA patent filed by Samsung eludes to the fact that their proposed smartwatch will be called the Gear. The patent also included a list of capabilities and features, coupled with an extensive description of the device.

Wearable tech is one of the areas of technology that is about to explode at the moment. Sony has already released the second version of its smartwatch while the Kickstarter funded Pebble smartwatch is currently meeting its list of preorders. Apple and even Google have stated or quoted as saying that they are working on a smartwatch of their own. Samsung has previously made some noise about the release of their own smartwatch device and it is one step closer now that a patent has been filed.

The Sony smartwatch is really an extension of the smartphone. It can be used to alert you to missed calls and texts. The Pebble, however, is a more extensive offering that enables you to download numerous apps, many of which have been created especially for use on the Pebble. It too will alert users to calls and texts via a silent vibration.

Wearable tech is the future in many manufacturer’s eyes. While struggling to reignite a dipping PC market, Dell have said that they are looking into wearable technology and that they find the concept of tiny computers that can be strapped to the wrist to be exciting.

One company that has already unveiled their own wearable tech is Google. Rather than offering technology for the wrist, though, they have supplied thousands of test units of Google Glass. These augmented and virtual reality glasses are limited in their functionality and privacy concerns mean that there may be limited applications but the potential is huge and the fact that Google has produced thousands of pairs of the glasses for testing certainly show their intent when it comes to the Internet of things.

The wearable technology industry is growing to such an extent that it even has its own exhibition and conference.

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The rise of the smartwatch is coming and while it may not prove as game changing as the touch screen tablet, it could change the way in which many of us interact without our smartphones. The ability to be able to use your watch as a call alert system, a GPS, training assistant, and even as a caddy while you travel around your local golf course is something that could excite many consumers.

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