Samsung Planning To Launch Three Sided Wrap Around Phone Display

tumblr_mudq0mty9j1r3kmkso1_500Mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung, are preparing a wraparound phone screen that will display images and text on the sides as well as the front.

Hot on the heels of the first curved screen phone, the Samsung Galaxy Curve, Samsung are working on a wraparound screen that will offer a three sided display. The upgrade will be the latest in the Youm series of flexible phone screens and will offer users the capability of being able to read messages from an angle, and will offer the chance to display updates and alerts, as well as share prices and other ticker style data to phone owners.

Meanwhile, the Korean manufacturer has unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 phone. It will have a number of feature and hardware upgrades over its predecessor, the original Galaxy Grand.

The 5.25” screen will offer an improved 1,280 x 720 HD display. The dual core processor has also been ramped up to a quad core unit, so it will offer an improved experience when running more advanced, power hungry apps and games. It will also cope admirably with video and TV content, thanks to the processor and the 1.5GB of RAM that is included.

The Grand 2 includes Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface, which means that it is not only quite different to the vanilla Android operating system, but it also means that there are applications like S Translator, S Travel, Samsung Hub, and Google Play. There is a rear facing 8mp camera and a 1.9mp front facing camera for video calls and selfies.

Samsung may be reaping the rewards of its Galaxy smartphone releases, but it isn’t having everything its own way. A Silicon Valley jury has judged that they must pay Apple $290m for copying the designs of the iPhone and iPad, although Samsung are expected to appeal because the judge suggested that the figure should be re-evaluated.

This is the latest in a series of cases between the two companies. Samsung argued that Apple doesn’t own the rights to beautiful and sexy smartphones, and nor can they own the rights to a rectangular phone design. However Apply countered this by saying that features like pinch and zoom were taken directly from Apple designs.

Apple has previously asked that older Samsung models, that copy from the designs of the iPhone and iPad, be withdrawn from sale. The move has been blocked previously, but could still be sanctioned in the future.

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