Samsung S4 Hit By Delays While Survey Predicts One In Four Will Be Damaged In Twelve Months

Samsung Galaxy S4 The Samsung Galaxy S4 release hit unprecedented highs, according to the technology giant, and this has meant that many people waiting to get their hands on the latest release of the popular Samsung line have been left disappointed. The level of pre-orders alone meant that even forward thinking individuals would have to wait up to a week after the 27th April deadline in order to be able to receive their handset.

However, prospective owners may not be too upset to learn of the delays as a survey conducted by warranty provider SquareTrade has shown that 1 in 4 Samsung S4s will suffer some form of damage within the first twelve months of ownership. The statistic may not seem like anything to boast about but has come about, at least in part, thanks to the extensive array of technology and added extras that are found on the phone. The survey found that UK and US smartphone owners spent £9.3bn in repairs in 2012 and Samsung accounted for £2.9bn of this – not a bad market share.

The Samsung S4 is eagerly anticipated because, while building on the success of the previous model S3, it also introduces a number of new and innovative technologies. Users have the ability to control their mobile phones with hand and even eye gestures. The S4 also has 2GB of RAM and a 5 inch HD display that is virtually unrivalled in other smartphones. There’s a rear facing 13MP camera and a front facing 2MP camera but all this technology means that there is greater opportunity for things to potentially go wrong.

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