Samsung Ships 10m Galaxy S4 Units In 50 Days

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung has announced that it has now sold more than 10m of its new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones since it was launched in April this year. The figure means that it has outsold its predecessor, the Galaxy S3 and could potentially outsell the iPhone too. The South Korean manufacturer said that the figures are in line with their own expectations and forecasts while experts believe sales will continue at a similar level until at least the next iPhone release.

With the Galaxy line of phones Samsung has become a major player in the mobile phone world once again and the devices have even led the company to be considered a major contender to Apple. Galaxy phones run the Android operating system, and part of the reason for Google’s success with its operating system can be attributed to Samsung’s own level of success.

Sales of the previous and current versions of the Galaxy have continued to increase. The Galaxy S took seven months to sell this many units while the SII achieved it in around 5 months. The Galaxy S III took 50 days and the S4 has now hit the golden 10m figure in about a month.

Apple sold 37.4m iPhones in its first quarter although this does include a number of variants of the phone. If Samsung continues at the same speed, which analysts are predicting will be the case until the next iPhone is released, then they look almost certain to overtake the iPhone manufacturer’s current level of sales.

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