Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 Has $800,000 Prize Pool

samsung-smart-app-challenge-2013Samsung has opened its Smart App Challenge 2013 with the promise of $800,000 in prize money to the developers that can come up with the best and most innovative apps using the Samsung Chord Software Development Kit (SDK). The Chord SDK offers a platform for encouraging interaction and communication between Samsung devices without the need for a mobile network or any online server, also known as peer-to-peer technology.

The peer-to-peer technology will be called Group Play when it is marketed to end users and it will provide capability to be able to play with fellow Samsung Galaxy users. It aims to make peer-to-peer features, such as locating nearby devices and transferring files between multiple devices within range, considerably easier. While Samsung mobile phones use the Android operating system for such apps usually, entrants must be sold on the Samsung Apps store and they must use Samsung’s APIs for in-app purchases.

Entrants can submit their apps between June 20th and August 31st while judging will run until November. A first prize of $200,000 will be awarded along with three prizes of $100,000 for second place, and six prizes of $50,000 for third prize entries. All the apps will also be promoted through Samsung online properties as well as in press releases and press events.

Last year’s event, which was the first time the competition was run, was targeted at Note and Tab developers and was won by Gun & Blood.

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