Samsung Unveils NX300M Compact Camera Featuring Tizen

samsung-nx300m-3Samsung has announced that the NX300M compact camera will be the first device launched, utilising the Tizen camera operating system developed in partnership with Intel.

The Tizen Camera Platform has been jointly developed by Samsung and Intel, and reports had suggested that Samsung was ready to ditch Android in preference for this new platform. Reports also hinted at the first release of the system would be implanted in a smartphone camera, with many analysts and experts decreeing that it may even be present in an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Most of these reports have been quashed, but a release of the camera system is going ahead full steam.

The NX300M is a compact camera has a 20mp sensor, uses the Tizen 2.2.1 operating system, and can capture 9 images per second. It’s also likely to come in the white design that Samsung has been favouring lately with its Galaxy camera range. Still, you can’t have everything.

Some analysts had predicted that the launch and use of the Tizen operating system meant that Samsung would be moving away from Android for its devices. However, Samsung has come out and rubbished these claims. They have helped ignite the performance of the Android operating system and both companies have benefited from the partnership, so it seems unlikely that they would dump Google’s mobile operating system, at least until they are confident that they have a popular and powerful replacement waiting in the wings.

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While the first Tizen device may have only just been released, there is word that a new version of the system will be arriving fairly soon. While the NX300M, and probably a smartphone, will offer 2.2.1, it is widely believed that future devices will be offering Tizen 3.0, which will offer 64 bit processor support, multi-user accounts, and a 3D graphics engine.

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