Samsung Unveils Phone With Curved Display

Samsung-Galaxy-Round-curved-smartphoneSamsung has become the first phone manufacturer to officially unveil a smartphone with a curved screen. The Galaxy Round is curved on the vertical axis and Samsung has introduced a number of new gestures to control the phone.

The curved display is a technology that has been promised by a number of companies and rumours that Samsung would be first to the punch have been confirmed as they have announced the new Samsung Galaxy Round. The biggest feature of the phone is that it has a curved 5.7” 1080p screen although it also has really good specs that are similar to the top end Galaxy smartphones already available.

Round Interaction offers a host of new ways to interact with the phone, especially when the Home screen is actually turned off. By tilting the phone on a flat surface you will be able to check details of missed calls and your battery life. A tilt to the left and right will list the full album. A short press on the left or the right of the screen will skip track in that direction.

The curvature of the Galaxy Round is said to match the contours of a person’s face although we’re not yet sure exactly what benefit this will offer users other than the new, unique control methods.

The Round will also feature a 13mp camera, quad core 2.3GHz processor and 3GB of RAM while running Android 4.3. It will be available in “luxury brown” during its release in South Korea this week with more colours to follow later. Details of international releases have not yet been confirmed.

While Samsung will almost certainly be the first to release a curved screen phone, they aren’t the only company that has been working on the technology. LG have said that they will start mass producing curved screens in November, in anticipation of a major boom in the emerging technology.

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The OLED panels are made from plastic which not only means that they can be made into curved panels but they have the potential, in the future, of being bendable by the end user. This means that foldable phones and smartphones that can be changed into a number of shapes may soon be available for our pleasure. LG said that it is working on 6 inch curved screens and both companies have already released curved screen TVs. LG won that particular race launching their TV earlier this year while Samsung only got theirs to market last month.

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