Samsung Wants To Be Loved And Promises Foldable Screen In 2015

samsung_conceptSamsung’s head of mobile has said that they want to become the biggest tablet seller and the most loved brand. They have also promised foldable smartphone screens by 2015.

Samsung is used to ruling the roost in its markets. They were already the world’s biggest TV manufacturer when they launched the Galaxy range of mobile phones to compete with the Apple iPad. Now, as the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones, the company’s had of mobile has said that they intend to overtake Apple as the biggest manufacturer of tablets too.

JK Shin also iterated the company’s desire to become the most loved mobile brand; another accolade that is currently held by Apple. Things could be about to get even more personal between the two mobile giants.

Speaking at the same analysts event on Wednesday evening, CEO Kwon Oh Hyun said that it was Samsung’s desire to make smartphones, and other mobile devices, with a foldable screen. He also said that they would have the technology and the capability to do so by 2015.

The Samsung Galaxy Round represents the first step towards the folding screen. It is the latest Galaxy smartphone, and it features a phone that has a curved screen design. This shows, at least, that the flat screens we are used to have a lot more flexibility, in terms of the shape that can be used.

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However, the Round still has a very rigid screen. According to the company’s roadmap, the next stage in the evolution is to create screens that will bend. Analysts and experts believe that these foldable screens will be with us next year, in 2014 and this is considered only one step away from the foldable screen, which Hyun said would arrive shortly afterwards, in 2015.

Don’t think that the Korean manufacturer are throwing all of their eggs into one, foldable basket either. While the S5 has yet to be officially announced, details of a new and improved camera that will feature on the device have been offered to the public.

New devices launched in 2014 and 2015 will feature the latest ISOCELL sensor, which physically isolates individual pixels and apparently offers much better quality pictures as a result. Rumours have surfaced recently of a new 16mp version of this cell that will feature in the Samsung Galaxy S5, and an official announcement of the new sensor would seem to point in that direction. But, will it be enough to make Samsung the most loved mobile brand?

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