Scotland PPI Claim Hotspot

money-271-x-301Residents of Scotland are reaping the benefits of PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) claims payouts with the average claim valued at above the UK average of £3,000.

Scotland was one of the UK’s top PPI hot-spots as certain unscrupulous banks including Lloyds TSB and RBS and Bank of Scotland knowingly mis-sold PPI policies to ineligible customers. This mis-sold PPI was for Personal Loans, Credit Cards and Mortgages even though customers had not asked for the cover. What’s more the exclusions on the policies meant many could never have made a successful claim

In additiion It was revealed just last week that Banks have underpaid compensation to the tune of around £1bn, a report for BBC News claimed. The shortfalls reportedly affect credit card customers with Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, MBNA and Capital One.

PPI Scotland

So far more than £22bn has been set aside to repay customers sold PPI policies with many billions more set aside for future claims.

Customers have been urged to make a claim either directly or through a Claims Management Company just so if they may also be in for PPI claims summer bonanza.

PPI Claims Scotland

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