Scotland vows to offer asylum to Ugandans persecuted by country’s new ‘oppressive’ anti-gay laws

Scottish-flagHumza Yousaf, Scotland’s Minister for External Affairs, announced the plan in an open letter to UK Foreign Secretary William Hague – urging him to follow suit.

It comes just weeks before he is due to meet senior members of the Ugandan government at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer.

The anti-homosexuality legislation was enacted earlier this week, strengthening the country’s already strict laws relating to gay people.

President Museveni also ordered one of the country’s newspapers to publish a list of the so-called top 200 homosexuals, including some that had not identified themselves as gay.

Currently, international treaties say people must prove they have a ‘well-founded fear’ of persecution for reasons of race, religion, ethnicity or political opinion if they are to obtain asylum.

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