Seattle Seahawks beat Denver Broncos

It was the best offence in the league versus the best Defence in the league, and this year Defence won. Seattle Seahawks beating Denver Broncos 43-8.

A team with no previous Superbowl experience, and one of the youngest average rosters ever, managed to completely breakdown one of the most Offensive teams in recent memory, led by Peyton Manning, one of the best Quarterbacks ever, and winner of 1 previous Superbowl.

Manning was suffocated by the Seahawks defence, leading to multiple forced errors, including a spectacular interception leading to a wonderful touchdown by the Seahawks.

With the NFL looking to expand their brand globally, more and more games being shown on UK television, and even 3 games being played at Wembley stadium in September, how long will it be before we see our own British team ?

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