Sharp Launches Europe’s Largest LED TV, The 90” AQUOS LC-L90LE757

sharp-world-s-largest-led-tv-the-90-inchSharp has extended its AQUOS offering in Europe by officially launching the monstrous 90 inch LC-L90LE757 – the world’s largest commercially available LED TV and Europe’s largest LED.

The Sharp AQUOS range is well known for its massive screen size but here in Europe we haven’t previously been able to enjoy the kind of size that those across the Atlantic have benefited from. Until today, that is, thanks to the European launch of the LC-L90LE757.

Make no mistake – this is not your average big screen TV and it is more than six feet wide so unless you have a massive living room it is probably going to be a little too large to reasonably have in your house.

It has 1080p resolution and Full HD active 3D at 200Hz motion processing. The quality should, therefore, be pretty good although the screen size makes us think there will be some sacrifice and possible graining in areas of the screen. We’re unlikely to shell out the £12,000 needed for a TV that won’t fit through the front door so we may never know.

Don’t expect to be able to mount it on the wall either. Without the stand, the set weighs 64kg and Sharp says that the ultimate viewing distance for a set of this size is 3.5m which is more than 11 feet so even if you can fit the TV in you’ll probably not get the best from it.

£12,000 may sound like a lot but you are getting an awful lot of television for your money and with something that size you would be able to start your own drive-in cinema or just charge neighbours to watch from the comfort of their own living room. What’s more, slightly smaller LG and Samsung models cost around 50% more than this so it actually represents reasonable value for money. Kind of.

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