Should You Invest In OLED Technology?

LG_55_inch_curved_oled-580-75The availability of giant OLED screens with their ultra thin form, and the imminent release of curved OLED screens, has caused us to take a closer look at a technology that is being billed as a replacement for LCD and LED in our televisions, monitors, and other devices. With the advent of LCD seemingly only just past, is it worth investing in an OLED screen? What exactly does it offer that LED doesn’t?

In order to create an efficient and good looking, crisp TV picture, you really only need red, green, and blue colours. Whereas LCD uses colour filters and liquid crystals, and Plasma ignites small pockets coloured phosphors, OLED runs an electricity current through organic materials of these colours. There are a number of benefits to this new technique that we can all enjoy.

OLED technology requires a lot less room than other technologies. TVs have slimmed down considerably in the past five years but this is nothing compared to the cardboard thin possibilities of an Organic Light Emitting Diode based TV. This also means that the sets and monitors created will also be a lot lighter than the TVs they are replacing. This also means that screens can be curved and unique designs can be used.

In terms of quality, which is really what matters to techies, the greatest benefit comes from the fact that every individual pixel can be shut off completely. This gives a true black colour. Other technologies attempt to recreate a black colour and this does not provide the crisp picture quality with the best results. TV manufacturers have been attempting to make blacks appear as black as possible for some time.

Another benefit of OLED is that it requires a lot less electricity to run. There is no need to artificially create colours while also lighting the screen and this means that your energy bills will be a lot lower than with an LCD or Plasma TV. As the technology improves it seems likely that the quality and the energy rating of the sets will increase further.

Currently, as OLED is still a brand new technology, it is expensive. However, the same was the case when LCD, Plasma, and LED TVs were first introduced to the market too. As technology advances it becomes cheaper as well as smaller and further improved. Expect a wide range of new OLED screens to be made available and expect to see prices drop too.

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