Sky Launches £10 Set Top Box To Rival Apple TV And Google ChromeCast

new-sky-tv-set-boxSky has announced the launch of a new £10 set top box that will connect to any TV and offer access to Internet TV including Sky Now and BBC iPlayer. The device will compete with Apple TV and Google ChromeCast.

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of the ChromeCast TV dongle which connects to TV set top boxes and enables users to access TV stations and Internet TV. The dongle will compete with Apple TV and represents Google’s third foray into the Internet TV market. It seems that Google aren’t the only ones that want a piece of the Internet TV market either as Sky have today announced that they are launching a device that is slightly larger than the Google dongle but is even cheaper and will offer many of the same services.

The Google ChromeCast dongle is expected to launch in the UK with a price tag of around £25 which is certainly favourable when compared to the Apple TV device. However, the Sky Now box will cost only £10 and is approximately only the size of a beer mat.

A number of contract free services will be available including access to On Demand services from the BBC, ITV, and Channel 5 while subscription based Sky Now will be available. You will also be able to pay for one off sporting and other premium events.

Sky Now has been expanding recently. They recently announced that LG TVs will include the service without the need to use a set top box or games console and that the two companies had entered into an exclusivity deal.

Sky Now was launched in July of 2012 but immediately came under criticism for its high price, especially when compared to competitors like Netflix.

The deal with LG means that LG buyers will receive thee months’ free access to the Movies and Sports packages as well as three free 24 hour sports passes. However, access to the Now app will only be available on Standard Definition TVs (do they still make them?)

There are many more ways in which viewers can access high quality TV and a variety of different channels and content types. Dongles, set top boxes, games consoles, and smart TV apps are available offering content from many publishers and sources but the Sky Now box is currently the cheapest standalone option with a price tag of just £10.

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