SMS Overtaken By Chat Apps

chat appsInstant messaging apps like Blackberry Chat and WhatsApp have proven more popular than SMS texting according to recent figures released by Informa. The company said that while 17.6bn text messages are sent every day, there are more than 19bn instant messaging messages sent using mobile devices and this means that the technology has already overtaken its competitor. Of course, apps like WhatsApp work out less expensive than texting although it will not be possible to message everybody in your contact book.

As well as being less expensive, instant messaging is considered more instant. People are more inclined to respond to chat messages and it is possible to see whether somebody is online before sending them a message. This means that the recipient will be more inclined to read your message and then post a response straight away; something that appeals to texters and messagers alike. However, these apps are not without their drawbacks and problems. Such drawbacks are, typically, related to access and availability.

Blackberry Messenger is resident on Blackberry phones while some apps will only work on Android devices and others only on iPhone devices. This may mean installing two or three apps and while this may not be a problem for a device like the Galaxy S4 it will prove a lot more problematic for some of the budget phones out there. What’s more, they will require an Internet connection which means that you could be paying data costs to send messages when away from your home WiFi networks.

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