Smurfs 2 Debuts At 5 While Minecraft Holds On To Top Spot

video gamesPikmin 3 on the PS3 certainly didn’t hang around in the charts, slipping from last week’s second spot right down to 15th this week. The Last Of Us is back into 2nd, Animal Crossing: New Leaf back into 3rd, and FIFA 13 has risen two places to land fourth once again. The only genuine new entry in the top 20 this week is, at number 5, the Smurfs 2.

1 (1) – Minecraft: Xbox 360 Version

Build a town, castle, and the people to go in it in this massive sandbox title. Once available only as a digital download on the Xbox 360 it has spread its wings and the retail version is enjoying its second week at the top of the charts.

2 (3) – The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us enjoyed a six week spell at number one before both Minecraft and Pikmin 3 overtook it last week. However, proving that zombie survivor horror games with character have genuine staying power, it has risen to take second place this week. Still an exceptional game and one that stands out from the masses of games in what is becoming a saturated gaming genre.

3 (4) – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a lot like the city and town building games that we play on Facebook and other social media websites. You don’t so much build a city, as move in and converse with the locals in order to manage your new critter filled levels. Very addictive and fun for casual gamers of all ages, not just the kids.

4 (6) – FIFA 13

The impending football season has seen FIFA 13 rise back to fourth position in what is its 45th week in the all platform charts. With FIFA 14 coming in September, expect a flourish as this title’s price drops and then expect nearly a year of FIFA 14 clogging up the charts.

5 (-) – The Smurfs 2

Games like the Smurfs 2 are usually best left to the kids that are dedicated franchise fans and while this is certainly not the worst kids game movie tie in ever published, it will be difficult for parents to sit and enjoy the game with little ones. It relies on tried and tested (edit: dull and boring) platformer with some action thrown in on very rare occasions. If there’s a Smurf lover in the house then it may be worth the purchase. Don’t expect it to hang around long in the charts.

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