Sony 4K Ultra HD TV Launched At Currys

sony ultra hd tvsCurrys and PC World have started to stock the latest Sony Ultra HD TVs. The 55” and 65” TVs offer four times as many pixels as a full HD TV but they cost a similarly increased price too.

Just as the world is getting used to Full HD along comes the new Ultra HD technology to completely muddy the waters. The technology, which is four times better quality than full HD, certainly isn’t cheap yet but if you have a few thousand pounds to spare and you want the very latest in high definition and high resolution then Currys and PC World are now stocking the newly released Sony 4K TV.

The resolution count isn’t the only major selling point that Sony hopes will convince you to part with your hard earned cash either.

Motionflow reduces the blur of every image produced while the Triluminos display increases the range of colours and the clarity of each of them. A brighter, sharper, and clearer image, therefore, await anybody with the budget.

In the same way that fast road cars need the Nurburgring mark, any top tech needs the NASA mark and the Sony 4K range has it. The magnetic fluid speakers are powered by NASA technology so the sound should be as good as memory foam mattresses.

While the 4k resolution tends to take the attention, there are other features worth shouting about. They are fitted with Near Field Communication capability so that you can wirelessly transfer media from mobile devices and media streamers straight to the set.

Both sizes will also offer access to the Sony Entertainment Network. You can log on and download or stream a huge variety of music, films, TV shows, and other media to the devices. Catch up TV services like iPlayer and 4OD, along with Netflix and other rental services, are all available for use.

Both sets also offer 3D capabilities so, as long as you have a 3D Blu Ray player, access to Sky 3D, or some other 3D TV source then you will be able to enjoy the latest 3D content and play the latest 3D gaming titles on your new huge TV sets.

The 55” version of the TV is available for £3,999 while the giant 65” model will cost £5,999. Both are available online or in stores and could signify the start of things to come with regards to Ultra HD.

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