Sony Announces New NSZ-GS8 Google TV Box

NSZ-GS8-google-tvSony has taken time out of its undoubtedly busy E3 2013 week to announce the impending launch of a new Google TV player, which will include voice control and wireless mobile device integration.

Sony will be pretty busy this week as it releases further details of the Playstation 4 experience at the E3 2013 expo. However, they have taken the time to announce the launch of a new Google TV player on their blog. The details look pretty good, too, although questions remain as to whether it will be enough to finally launch the streaming media players into the mainstream.

Google TV has yet to really take off. This is Sony’s second throw of the device dice, as it were, and LG have released some great looking and really quite good quality TVs with Google TV built in. The problem, though, is that much of the functionality offered by dedicated devices like the NS7-GS7 are available on TVs, set top boxes, games consoles, and other devices and the previously high price point means that consumers have few reasons to opt for a dedicated Google player.

However, the technology giant has announced an updated version of its Google TV player, in the shape of the NSZ-GS8.

The new player not only includes all the usual Android and Internet TV access but it also features universal voice control so that you can browse the net, choose your channels, and perform other functions using nothing more than your dulcet tones.

In terms of hardware, this is very similar to the earlier version and reports indicate that prices will also be very similar. The new GS8 will ship early July and cost $200, which is the same price as its predecessor, although that version is now available with a slight discount at $170. Expect to pay anywhere between £100 and £150 here in the UK for the older version and a similar price for the new GS8 on its release.

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