Sony Cybershot RX100M2 Specs Leaked

Sony_DSC-RX100M2_right-thumb-470x325-20280Specifications of the next incarnation of Sony’s Cybershort compact camera have been leaked. It will feature a 3-inch swivel screen, a pop-up viewfinder, and WiFi connection as well as a slew of other features.

The Sony Cybershot RX100M2, which happily has an alternative and slightly shorter name of RX200, is believed to be ready for unveiling at an event on June 27th and is an updated version of the popular RX100 model. Some of the features will remain the same but there are also a number of improvements and upgrades, as well as some new additions to be included in the launch.

The new compact camera will feature a WiFi connection which will make wireless printing and features like instant sharing possible. It will also have a USB 2.0 port for those times when you want to use wires.

The 1 inch 20.2MP Exmor CMOS image sensor will allow for high quality pictures to be taken and represents an upgrade from the original RX100 phone. However, one feature that won’t change is the Zeiss lens that the camera uses.

The remake is slightly larger than the original but it will have improved battery life.

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The camera will have a pop-up viewfinder and 4.9 zoom lens when it is officially launched, allegedly at a Sony event on 27th June.

The RX100M2, or RX200, isn’t the only new camera that Sony is expected to announce at the event either. The RX1R is a similarly updated version of the original RX1 except that R presumably stands for Removed Anti-Aliasing, for that appears to be the biggest and possibly only notable change to the line.

For those that prefer to carry a single device around with them, Sony will also announce Honami H2 smartphone which is, effectively, a mobile version of the Sony Cybershot range.

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