Sony Delays Smartwatch 2 Release As Microsoft Tests Transparent Aluminium

Sony SmartwatchSony has pushed the release date of the Smartwatch 2 back to September while it emerges that Microsoft are testing and working on a material known as transparent aluminium for its own device.

Sony’s second bite of the smartwatch cherry will have to wait until after summer, as it emerges that the company has pushed its release date back from July 15th to September 9th. The announcement was actually made by Clove UK who said, on their website, that the release date of 5th July provided by Sony themselves was incorrect and that buyers will have to wait until the 9th September to get their hands on the device.

The Smartwatch from Sony already has hundreds of apps developed for it and the technology giant hopes to expand this number with the release of the next smartphone accompaniment.

A number of other manufacturers are known to be working on smartwatches themselves. The Pebble is a Kickstarter project that is in production and has already met a number of pre-orders while Apple and Google are both believed to be working on a 2014 release for their own wearable tech devices.

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Microsoft is another company that wants to get in on the smartwatch act relatively early on. It is rumoured that their engineers and developers are testing a material known as transparent aluminium, which is three times stronger than glass.

The Sony device is sold as being complementary to the smartphone and not as a replacement and it is currently unclear whether the Microsoft device will be similarly marketed. It seems like it may be a leap too far for some consumers to dump their smartphone in preference for a smartwatch although this may prove to be a stepping stone that will later lead to dedicated wearable smartphones that are designed for the wrist rather than the pocket.

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