Sony Launching PSP Vita 2000 For Casual Gamers

ps-vitaSony has announced that it is launching a pared down version of its powerful PSP Vita handheld console. It will be thinner and lighter, with a lower quality screen, and will presumably cost less.

Following the release of the Sony PSP came the PSP 2000. It offered a few upgrades and a reasonable improvement to the handheld range of Sony devices that were available but, above all else, it offered some serious sales and it helped transform the company’s performance within the handheld industry. Sony are hoping that they will enjoy similar performance following the release of the newly announced PSP Vita 2000.

The Vita is one of the most powerful handheld consoles available and it has great quality graphics, audio, and games. However, it is not exactly cheap and is generally considered to be a handheld for the serious gamer rather than the casual player.

With the release of the Vita 2000, Sony hopes to o change that.

The new version will be 20% thinner and 15% lighter so will be more convenient portable. It will also have 1GB of internal storage with 64GB memory card included. It will only offer WiFi connections and although there are no release details for the UK or Europe yet, the company has said that the Vita 2000 will be available in Japan in October.

Sony also announced the launch of the PSP Vita TV, which is a tiny set top box that enables Vita users to stream content from their device on to their TV. Not only does this mean gaming but it also means TV and video can be streamed directly from the device to your living room set. The Vita TV box will also work with the PS4 so that games being played on a console using one TV can be streamed directly to another TV as well.

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