Sony Playstation 4 Hits UK Shelves

Sony Playstation 4The Sony Playstation 4 has gone on sale in the UK. It’s cheaper than the Xbox One, more powerful, and designed primarily for gamers. Will it be enough to take the console crown back from Microsoft?

Sony effectively messed up the last generation of console wars. Although they had enjoyed considerable success with the Playstation 2, they released the PS3 a year after the Xbox 360, and although the system was arguably better, they had too much ground to make up. The PS3 offered free online gaming, but no cross game chat. It was also a lot more expensive than the Xbox 360. Have they put things right with the new PS4?

One big difference between the way that the two devices were marketed was that Sony shifted the PS3 as an all-in-one device that combined console gaming with multimedia entertainment. Microsoft, on the other hand, said that their device was aimed at gamers. This time, it’s the other way around, and it is definitely the gamers that will benefit.

Sony has managed to eek considerably more power and graphics grunt out of the PS4 than Microsoft musters from the One. Microsoft will tell you that cloud gaming makes up for this, but the fact that game manufacturers have already said that they can’t reproduce the same level of graphics on the One as they can on the PS4 tells a different story.

Despite being a gaming console, you will still be able to watch the likes of BBC iPlayer and Netflix on your Playstation. However, one area that Sony should have done better was in the available launch titles. You won’t have to wait too long before you get a decent gaming diet, but launch titles are important, and Sony have had time to cajole publishers into releasing some more exclusive titles.

Another complaint of the previous Playstation was its price; it cost a lot more than the inexpensively priced Xbox 360. On this occasion, the PS4 will cost a whole £80 less than the Xbox One, so another step in the right direction.

Playstation Plus is the name of the online gaming system this time around. The PS3 offered Playstation Home, which was incredible fun especially considering it cost nothing, but it lacked in cross game chat. Sony has redressed what was, in our opinion, a glaring omission and something that needs to be considered an essential component for a gaming system.

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