Sony Posts And Removes Details Of Google TV BRAVIA Smart Stick

sony-bravia-smartstickSony posted details of its BRAVIA Smart Stick online yesterday before removing them, ahead of the device’s proposed official unveiling this week. The BRAVIA Smart Stick comes with a universal remote.

The world of Smart TV and Google TV devices is finally taking off; in fact, you could say it’s becoming crowded now. The Google Chromecast promises an Internet TV Dongle for around £20 and joins the likes of the Roku and Apple TV as offering a means of streaming video and online content directly to your TV. The announcement of the dongle has also seen rumours of a new Apple TV update soon becoming available.

Sony, too, believes there is an opening for this kind of device and is set to announce the BRAVIA Smart Stick.

There are a few differences between the Smart Stick and the Chromecast, and we suspect there will be a fairly big difference in prices.

Primarily, the BRAVIA Smart Stick is so called because it looks as though it will only be compatible with Sony BRAVIA televisions as a means of extending the functionality of these popular sets.

The Smart Stick comes with a remote control, too, which is touch screen and has voice recognition which will enable users to be able to search for content and control their device just by speaking to it. This is something that the Chromecast definitely won’t feature for £20 and that will, we suspect, push the price of the Smart Stick up way beyond the £20 budget mark.

The Smart Stick also has dual screen features. While your TV viewing can be minimised to a smaller screen in the corner of the set, you will be able to use apps like your browser in the main area of the screen.

The device will allow Google TV functionality on BRAVIA devices.

This means that you can watch YouTube, where you will find a number of TV shows and even films available. You can also watch Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video and much more.

In contrast, the Chromecast from Google comes without any of the bells and whistles. There is no controller and no voice control but there is access to Hulu and other useful online TV services. Unfortunately, there are few apps available and the only compatible browser is Chrome but then at less than £30 from just about anywhere you can’t really grumble if you’re looking for a small and affordable means of watching Internet TV.

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