Sony QX10 And QX100 Lenses Convert Smartphones Into Quality Cameras

sony_qx10_leak-580x332Sony has unveiled the QX10 and QX100, which are essentially camera lenses but instead of being used with a DLR they clip onto your smartphone and use its screen and controls.

Smartphones are extremely useful and very functional. They can be used to perform a huge array of different tasks, as well as simply calling and messaging people. They are a convenient means of emailing and access to apps and games means that they really can be used for many purposes. They also tend to include camera features, the quality of which can vary greatly depending on the make and model and, more importantly, how much you spent on the camera and when you bought it.

The camera that is included with the modern smartphone is not usually the best. The phone body is not able to carry the biggest sensor and the lack of a lens is extremely detrimental especially when you want to take photos in anything other than perfect lighting conditions.

Sony believes it has the answer.

The QX10 and more expensive QX100 are camera lenses, but with a difference. They aren’t interchangeable lenses for expensively priced DLR cameras but clip on lenses that can be used with your Android or iOS phone.

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Once the lens is clipped into place, your phone becomes the live screen and offers the controls and access to menus that you can use.

The QX10 is the basic model, costing £179, and it won’t win awards for image quality but it could negate the need to spend £500 or more updating to a phone with a better camera. It is roughly equivalent to using a standard digital camera from the Sony range. The QX100 is a different prospect, costing £399, and giving your phone many of the same specs as Sony’s high end digital compact camera the RX100 II.

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