Sony Say Everything Has Been Tuned For PS4 Controller

ps4-controllersNot wanting to be outshone as the world readies itself for the big Xbox announcement that is about to land, Sony has released some more news about their next generation of console. The fact that the PS4 will feature cross game chat is major news because this was a game breaker for us. The news that the controller has been updated is a little tame in comparison but nevertheless here’s the basics.

The controller will feature a touch pad and Sony say that they have improved upon the initial concept so that it will be more usable and will not encroach on gamers’ experience when they want to use the DualShock controller in earnest. The controller will also rumble harder than its predecessors but apart from this it is the emergence of the light bar at the back of the controller that is likely to have the greatest impact on your gaming.

The light bar will connect to the Eye camera accessory so that if you move around during gaming, swapping to another seat or handing the controller to another player, the Eye will detect the movement and alter accordingly. For motion controlled input this will prove useful and it means that you won’t be able to blame another dismal Black Ops display on a poor connection between controller and PS4.

There’s an integrated speaker to enhance experience. There’s also a Share button which we think is something that will become a regular feature on just about everything as long as social media networks exist. Expect more reveals at the June 10th Sony event.

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